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What is PISA?

  •  PISA is an ongoing programme that offers insights for education policy and practice, and that helps monitor trends in students’ acquisition of knowledge and skills across countries and in different demographic subgroups within each country.
  • PISA results reveal what is possible in education by showing what students in the highest-performing and most rapidly improving education systems can do. The findings allow policy makers around the world to gauge the knowledge and skills of students in their own countries in comparison with those in other countries, set policy targets against measurable goals achieved by other education systems, and learn from policies and practices applied elsewhere.
  • PISA shows educators, policy makers and the interested public how education systems are similar and different – and what that means for students.

about text 2

Let’s check out the assessment attempted by 540,000 students from 72 countries


Key features of PISA 2015


The PISA 2015 survey focused on science, with reading, mathematics and collaborative problem solving as minor areas of assessment. PISA 2015 also included an assessment of young people’s financial literacy, which was optional for countries and economies.

Participating students

Approximately 540 000 students completed the assessment in 2015, representing about 29 million 15-year-olds in the schools of the 72 participating countries and economies.

The assessment

Computer-based tests were used, with assessments lasting a total of two hours for each student.

Test items were a mixture of multiple-choice questions and questions requiring students to construct their own responses. The items were organized in groups based on a passage setting out a real-life situation. About 810 minutes of test items for science, reading, mathematics and collaborative problem solving were covered, with different students taking different combinations of test items.


about text 2

How do we deliver this difference to your child in Australia’s current education system?

 Our Teacher(s) know the difference in terms of the various global educational systems and its corresponding results that contributes to the Australian student’s gaps in content and in achieving their best!

We will tweak and adjust the know-how and fit it into a curriculum designed to plug the gaps of content and knowledge bringing your child to the next level!