Primary School Tuition Adelaide

Primary School – Reception to Year 7

Reception to Year 7 are the crucial foundation years of a students’ educational journey. Start it right and change the method of studying concepts- you will see the visible difference.

Plug gaps of content knowledge – the current Australian Educational System uses a hodgepodge of methods in a non-systemic manner which leads to confusion within the student. Scaffolding and thorough guidance will be provided to each enrolled student.

ONLY at JUMBO LEARNING- We use a variety of teaching methods used by teachers from Top-Scoring countries ranked by OECD-PISA and TIMSS 2015.



(Zoom into page 7, paragraph 2 onwards of key findings)

This is JUMBO LEARNING’s key difference- our formally trained Teachers who have been immersed and have taught in globally competitive educational systems.

No other educational service provider can claim to have the expertise to apply these methods. We are the first in Australia and in Adelaide to adapt and apply these methods to students struggling in the current educational system. It is exciting and first of its kind!

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