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Our Services

At Jumbo Learning, our focus is on providing top-notch quality teaching. We take pride in the delivery of World-Class Educational Standards to our students. (This is equivalent to the methods used by schools from the top ten performing countries as globally ranked by OECD-PISA and TIMSS).

The FIRST-EVER in Adelaide, our teachers are more than mindful of the learning difficulties, the socio-emotional state of mind and gaps that a student might encounter.

We blend all our services below into a stress-free curriculum that is designed to suit the Australian lifestyle and YET propel your child holistically into a globally-ready, all-rounded competent student.

Primary School Tuition Adelaide

Primary School – Reception to Year 7

Reception to Year 7 are the crucial foundation years of a students’ educational journey. Start it right and change the method of studying concepts- you will see the visible difference.

Plug gaps of content knowledge – the current Australian Educational System uses a hodgepodge of methods in a non-systemic manner which leads to confusion within the student. Scaffolding and thorough guidance will be provided to each enrolled student.

ONLY at JUMBO LEARNING- We use a variety of teaching methods used by teachers from Top-Scoring countries ranked by OECD-PISA and TIMSS 2015.

Source: http://www.oecd.org/education/singapore-tops-latest-oecd-pisa-global-education-survey.htm

Source: http://research.acer.edu.au/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1000&context=timss_2015

(Zoom into page 7, paragraph 2 onwards of key findings)

This is JUMBO LEARNING’s key difference- our formally trained Teachers who have been immersed and have taught in globally competitive educational systems.

No other educational service provider can claim to have the expertise to apply these methods. We are the first in Australia and in Adelaide to adapt and apply these methods to students struggling in the current educational system. It is exciting and first of its kind!

Assignment Help Adelaide

High School – Year 8 to Year 12

The years leading up to tertiary education are one of the most vital aspects of a students’ learning journey. The success rate of a student is determined by what is accomplished during these years.

Students who come to JUMBO LEARNING will get proper assistance in nailing and submitting assignments, projects, homework and tests.

Structure, organizational skills and application of curriculum content knowledge will be provided to students at JUMBO LEARNING. This carries them into the category of being highly successful and globally competent individuals – traits that will give our students the distinctive edge over their peers.

Watch your child transform their grades!

Adelaide Tuition Centre

Tertiary – TAFE Assignment Help

Need help understanding your course work? Or simply need guidance in tackling your current workload? Need professional, prompt and reliable assistance in making sense out of it?

Have a chat with us at JUMBO LEARNING on how we can help you in achieving your best.

Only formally trained teachers/lecturers are on hand.

Original essay writing pieces – our teachers will guide you on how to deliver and craft your report/essay for a plagiarism-free original copy done by none other than yourself! Saves time and hassle-free!

Home Tutoring Adelaide

Tertiary – University Assignment Help

Having difficulty juggling work and studies and a host of other commitments? Don’t sink- consult us at JUMBO LEARNING.

Having trouble getting your essays in on time? Need help with structure and direction?

Propel yourself to better grades or even the top 10 percent of your university’s cohort.

Call us for a consultation today. No one does it better than we do at JUMBO LEARNING.